8 Women Entrepreneurs And Their Digital Businesses – Women’s Day Special

Women’s Day, as a day dedicated just for the female gender, was recognized even before 8 March 1975, when it was officially announced as a day by the United Nations. Millions of women struggled to be empowered and rise above the predominant notion that gender is specific only to a few sections of mainstream work. Ever since then the world has changed a lot and women have too.

According to the Sixth Economic Census released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, women constitute around 14% of the total entrepreneurship i.e. 8.05 million out of the total 58.5 million entrepreneurs in India. This is more than what the country did a decade ago.

As the world progresses forward with digital marketing as a tool, so are women entrepreneurs choosing the virtual world to run their businesses instead of going the traditional way. Here are 10 women entrepreneurs who refused to back down and made their businesses successful through digital marketing.


  1. KolKol:
    A Gurgaon based entrepreneur from Chennai, Bayiravi Mani is the founder of KolKol, a start-up that makes baby carriers. She began facing problems with her baking business just as she welcomed a new member in a nuclear family. Instead of giving up on her dream, she decided to carry her baby off to work with her and thus the idea KolKol was born. Today, she caters to more women like her through an e-commerce website www.kolkolbabycarrier.com.
  2. Om Studio:
    After a casual talk with teammates one fine day, Rinul realized the modern day lifestyle was a problem for health. Being a yoga practitioner herself, she began giving tips to some of her friends and teammates who started seeing changes within a week. That’s when after heading a creative agency for 6 years, she decided to spread the knowledge to the masses. Today, she along with Ruby, an expert dancer, successfully runs Om studio which organizes Yoga, Zumba classes and workshops through their website http://omstudio.in/
  3. PenSitDown:
    A very interesting blog among many on the internet, PenSitDown is a blog run by Shivangi who started blogging as a career cum hobby from home in 2013. She is a literature graduate who also holds a diploma in Fashion Designing and today has a huge following of avid readers. She is the CEO of www.pensitdown and covers different topics including Technology, Travel, Food, Wellness, Fashion and more.
  4. Nisha Madhulika:
    An online site now, Nisha started nishamadhulika.com in 2007 at the age of 54 and also conquered YouTube starting 2011. A lover of cooking and food, she began sharing tips and recipes to some of her favorite dishes online with people. Based out of Noida, she is a homemaker who teaches how to make tasty dishes with easily available ingredients. She has been featured in YouTube Top Chefs coffee table book and is credited with 1100 videos.
  5. Desi Origins:
    Sreelatha and Gunjan proved that e-commerce is not just for men. They founded a venture named Desi Origins that ensure farmers get a fair price for their products and the consumers get organic, unadulterated foods and products for personal care through www.desiorigins.com. They kick-started this venture in 2013 and made it a success only by using digital marketing and nothing else.
  6. Chirkutt.in:
    Like every other engineering student, Pooja was in a dilemma of whether she should go for a job or start something of her own. Choosing the latter, she began selling paper jewelry in 2014 which has garnered so much attention that she created chirkutt.in to take her business online. Today she has expanded ahead from just jewelry to posters, T-shirts, notebooks, glasses, and mugs to list a few.
  7. Sweet Boutique:
    Aditi had a double degree in Law when she was contemplating if the field was a good idea for her future. Being passionate about cakes and desserts since childhood, she nurtured her skills for cake art through international cake-off shows etc. She took a huge step when she decided to leave the security of a job and pursue her passion. Today, Aditi is among the country’s top 15 cake artists according to India’s Cake Network Collaboration.
  8. The Clothing rental:
    After years of experience as a fashion stylist, a degree in Sociology and fashion design, Shilpa Bhatia a fashion entrepreneur began her journey of doing something that would change the sales in the textile industry. She now successfully runs her venture called The Clothing Rental. The Unique Selling Point of her business model is based on renting designer clothes for a few days instead of spending money for something you may not wear again. Today, Shilpa has her own website www.theclothingrental.com and dresses some of the top-notch personalities in Media and Film industry.


India sure has come a long way since independence. Women like these have broken stereotypes to prove that digital marketing can be a cup of tea for women too. Do you know someone who has benefitted through Digital Marketing for their business, let us know in the comments below!