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Rapid Learning

We, at Win Infosoft India Private Limited , have considerable expertise in Rapid Learning and hence, we have condensed the development time of e-learning courses. Our developers rapidly develop and implement your learning requirements with the help of rapid authoring toolsTo put in a nutshell, our experts are highly-skilled in using all the rapid authoring tools to provide highly engaging and media-rich learning content in a short period.

Benefits of using Rapid Learning

  • Cost-effective
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Rapid deployment of training course
  • Easy updates/modifications
  • Visually-rich content for higher retention
  • Quick knowledge transfer
  • Reduced wait time for application of training
  • Localization is easy with XML support
  • Dynamic and rich e-learning courses


A Peek Into Our Solutions And Teams’ Strategy

  • Designing a storyboard from scratch
  • Our experts develop the storyboard into rich, engaging interactive modules
  • Learning for your staff is carried out in real-time
  • Our Team ensures rapid deployment
  • Constructing interactive quizzes, case studies, real-world example-based activities
  • Continuous assessment of learner performance monitoring
  • A ready channel is set up for generating and deploying updates to it