05 Jun 2017

Angular JS 2.0: Why is it going to be awesome?

One of the most popular open source JavaScript frameworks, Angular has seen tremendous usage in the past few years. This framework which is majorly used for major web applications is said to be used by Google itself to run many of its applications. It is said more than a 1000 apps created by Google run on Angular 1.3 version. Earlier it was released that a new version namely Angular JS 2.0 will be released by the end of 2015 and here is why this new version is going to be awesome.

  1. Mobile Apps:
    The new version supports the development of single page mobile applications and makes it simpler than before. Post development of Mobile version, it gets easier to focus on the desktop web development.
  2. Modular:
    The new version will have some modules removed from its central framework to assure better efficiency and performance. Also, these modules will be continuously added to the version’s ecosystem so that you can choose all the modules you need.
  3. Updated browsers:
    This version will target all the modern browsers that update themselves automatically. This will be done to eliminate every and any hack or workaround that makes developing difficult. Instead, now coders can put all their focus into developing an application.
  4. Directives:
    Angular 2.0 comes with 3 directives,
  • Component: Through encapsulating of logic in various languages of HTML, Java, and CSS, it will create reusable components.
  • Decorator: This will be used to decorate various elements
  • Template: This directive will turn HTML into a reusable template.

Angular JS 2.0 had an apprehension of connecting the older versions and the new one to that broken pages in the web or applications are avoided. Apart from this, the new version promises a whole lot of new landscapes to work on and has taken care of some of the major setbacks in the previous versions.

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