All you need to know about latest Google AdWords Updation

All you need to know about latest Google AdWords Updation

After the GDPR implementation announcement in 2016, Google has released the new Google AdWords Updation in compliance with it, Know with the opinion of Wininfosoft PPC Expert. Before,  in March, the company had introduced the first phase of changes that specified contracts, product changes and how it aims to comply with the regulations that are to be implemented by 25th may 2018. This latest change deals with guiding advertisers on solutions to help them gather consent, informing new publishers about the consent tools approach on the content of non-Google exchanges etc.

What is GDPR?

General data protection regulation or GDPR is a regulation passed by EU that protects every individual in the European Union from personal data and privacy breaches. The regulation was adopted in 2016 to give control of private data to its citizens along with trying to make the regulatory environment for international businesses simple. Although the GDPR is not a directive and is not therefore mandatory for National governments to issue an announcement, it still is binding and directly applicable. The scope of this regulation is extended to even foreign companies outside of the EU that deal with the information and data of the residents of the European Union. Breach of this regulation will be met with strict consequences with either 4% of the worldwide turnover or €20 million, whichever is higher. Are you getting now Google AdWords Updation

Google’s Latest Policy Change

The latest change is broadly specified in three sections. They have also put in some recommended actions that can help you browse through the changes and make decision likewise. The specified changes have been explained briefly.

Consent Solutions

They have updated their Help Center to help you understand how to implement the updated EU policy. They also have new guidebooks in with respect to language and some already available consent solutions from Third Parties. Google has also mentioned deciding how is your company thinking of gathering consent over your sites and apps. You can develop and use your own mechanisms or work with some solutions provided by

New Controls for publishers

The update mentions a few new controls for publishers and ways of integration which if you are using third party ad serving and tracking platform, can potentially affect where your ads appear.

  1. Non-Personalized Ads:
  • They will be launching Provider Controls in Ad Technology for publishers through DFP/AdX, AdMob, AdSense etc.
  • Using the controls, advertisers and publishers will be able to choose the ad technology providers who are to be supported to serve, track ads on their sites and apps for users in the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • Every listed provider has already shared information essential for the GDPR. The company has urged to encourage your provider to do the same in case they haven’t. Google has also provided a process guide for all ad tech providers.
  • A list of Ad Technology Providers will be provided under the ‘commonly used’ section of the policy(Google AdWords Updation) which can be referred by companies that wish to choose their own and not engage with the controls.
  • Your campaigns will be serving for an ad impression in the EEA if the publisher supports the Ad Technology Providers you use.
  1. Non-Personalized Ads:
  • Google will soon be launching this feature for DFP/AdX, AdMob, and AdSense for publishers to give a choice to their EEA users between personalized ads and non-personalized ads. This feature is discussed in depth in their Help Center Page.
  1. Integrations With Third-Party Ad Exchanges:
  • The company will be pairing up with third-party exchanges who utilize the IAB’s GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework. This will also be applicable to those who are subject to their EU User Consent Policy. The recommendation includes reviewing your use of third-party ad servers and/or pixels with vendors that are not part of the Ad Technology Provider Controls to avoid unnecessary delay and breach of the regulation.


Other Important details about Google AdWords Updation

  • In case you are using Google Analytics 360 or DoubleClick do the review and/or accept data processing terms available in each account you manage.
  • For Google Analytics (Standard or 360) review the retention controls of data so as to allow you to manage how long your user and event data is held on Google’s servers. Data deletions will then be processed by the company based on your settings from May 25th.

In case of any further queries, one can visit the official Google Help Center Page.

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