PPC or pay per click advertising is a great way to get an edge over competition by paying for only the topmost position on search engines as well as all the relevant partner websites. Getting instant traffic is the goal and we can help you with that by offering numerous low volume keywords. They play a deft role in your strategies as they cost less while advertising and get you maximum ROI.

Not satisfied with the PPC services you have already been using in India? Just Relax, we can revamp them for you.

Google Adwords

As the most effective and ROI friendly marketing vehicle, Google is the first choice for paid marketing experts. Adwords enrolment could sharpen the SEO strategies by testing the keywords too.

Advertising on Bing

The only key competitor of Google is Bing and we ensure that you get a place in its ranking too. Search advertising on Bing can be made simpler and better with our assistance.

Advertising on Facebook

Can you name a handful of people who don’t use Facebook? No Right? This is the power of social media tool, which will be used by our team to assist you to target scores of people in a short amount of time.

Shopping Advertisements

In case you offer tangible products to your customers, we highly recommend you to learn about shopping advertisements that are even positioned above the organic listings. They often beat standardized ads too!!

PPC Audit

Sometimes the client just wants to know the PPC related knowledge and expertise without hiring a PPC service provider in Delhi. We can provide that by conducting an in-depth audit of your website and suggesting the best strategies that we can employ for you.