Just a sip of New Awakening´s super premium coffee with its immortalizing flavor attributes will transport you to a magical place hidden atop the misty pristine highlands of ancient Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. It has been said that “if coffee were a religion, Ethiopia would be the Holy Land”. Our coffee is highly unique from any other coffee due to its Organic purity. The unsurpassed inherent flavor of our coffee beans have their divine, timeless and compelling beginnings in the volcanically fertile soils where coffee grows wild in the forests, serviced by pollinating bees, kissed by the twelve months of sunshine, blended with perfect amounts of canopy shade and high altitude rains resulting in the highest quality, most exhilarating full-bodied flavorful coffee varieties in the world.Truely, the best of the best. Always a natural organic collaboration of nurturing, cultivating and select ripe-cherry-harvesting by farmers highly skilled in their daily coffee-craft, passed down from previous generations over thousands of years, truly capturing the pure essence of coffee itself.