"A Complete Claims process Management system"


anaging claims is a process that requires a great deal of accuracy and swiftness. Even the slightest error can be detrimental to your customer satisfaction objectives.

Take the complexity right out of your claims handling processes by the expertly automated by our highly acclaimed Claims Management System. Designed to deliver excellent productivity for claim related workflows, our Claims Management System makes things easy for vehicle owners, insurance companies, employees and more.

Insurance claims will never be a headache again!!

Here are the top features of X-Claims which make it truly unique and state of the art.

Automated Processes

Every part of the claims management process is automated which eliminates the chances of any manual mistakes.

Excellent Reporting

Each of the clients gets excellent comprehensive reports on the status of every claim on a periodical basis. You remain in control, always!

Immaculate Security

The data shared by the clients is treasured as much as we treasure our internal resources. Top of the line security tools are used which leave no scope for any data leak.

Integrated Collaboration Tool

The software can be integrated with external or existing applications and systems to ensure a seamless claims management operations.

Claim-Specific Customizations

A user can easily click the field to change the wording or setup of any specific claim anytime.

Impeccable Tracking

Get to know how much time is taken in each stage of process management and keep an eye on which claims are getting processed soon. Check out the claims history and workflow with just a few clicks too.

The claims management process would never seem tedious, time-consuming, and complicated anymore when you place your trust in X-Docs by Win Infosoft!!

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