Hired A UX Design Company_ Here’s What To Expect!

Hired A UX Design Company? Here’s What To Expect!

A lot of UX Design Companies have only just ventured into the arena about a few years ago. The importance of how important UX is to add to the customer experience was taken up by a few companies. UX or User Experience is an important part of any design as it is the thought process of how a customer thinks. It is responsible to make your product accessible, user-friendly and additionally give ease of transition for customers between their minds and the technology. Whenever you hire a company for a crucial job of UX designing, here is a roadmap that you can expect them to make for you in the period of the project.

Research and Discovery

This phase is the first, foremost and the most important one as it determines the goal and objectives of the project. It defines how your product will look, work and be implemented. This phase is out of the confines of financing and requires the team to set certain milestones. When you are in such a product discovery phase, certain deliverables that you can definitely expect are:

  • User experience research
  • Product discovery
  • Brand positioning
  • Defining propositions of value
  • Identification of key differentiators

This phase can also be used for defining and establishing targets and benchmarks, performance parameters to ensure that the product is aligned with the vision of the client and the production. This is the best place to start if you have an idea and you are planning to ask for finding the project.


This phase is when all the objectives and goals come together to form a tangible outcome. This determines the credibility of the company as they work towards burning an idea and a few notes into tangible designs and wireframes. The phase is important as you turn all the hypothesized environments and try to create those physically to achieve the desired results. During this phase the certain deliverables that can be expected of the user experience (UX) are:

  • Information architecture (IA)
  • Interaction design (IxD)
  • Taxonomy
  • Defining user journeys and flows
  • Low to high fidelity wireframing
  • Usability testing
  • Rapid prototyping

During this process, you will get a chance to observe whether your designer is up to date and skilled in the tools required to do the job. It will tell you how better are they able to reach the targets and schedule assigned to them. You wouldn’t want the product in the process of production forever. Moreover, the UX designer has to closely work with the User Interface designer (UI) who is responsible for converting the designs into a physical product. If at all the UX designer is not up to the standards, a lot of work falls upon the shoulders of the UI designer who then has to double up. This can affect the result of the end product.


Once we are done with establishing project goals and production, you are well versed in how things should be by the end and so this phase is not that difficult. In this phase most of the time is spent in A/B testing, UX and UI scrutiny, drop-offs, understanding where the consumers have a problem understanding your product. Once you have done all of this in redefining a few aspects one can expect from the UX department are:

  • User experience audit
  • Redefined function
  • Improving usability
  • Introduction of new user functions
  • Reconciling usability and affordability

Post this, what you can do is to see if the visual and physical interaction of your product needs some tweaking. You can go through it again to get some features or visuals added. You can use it to make customized product internationally or locally based on how much you want to expand your business.

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Win Infosoft is a Digital Marketing firm with years of experience in providing the best possible services in PPC, SEO, SMM, UX, UI designing Website and App developments. We have successfully completed several UX Design projects and have years of expertise. If you are looking for someone for UX Designing, contact us today.

Must-Have Features For Any Mobile App! - Mobile App Development

Must-Have Features For Any Mobile App! – Mobile App Development

Some apps are user-friendly and fun to use. Others are more frustrating to go over which makes us wonder what went wrong with Mobile App Development. We found out what elements make the best apps the way they are and listed down a few important features that every one of those must have. Given below are some features that can make the app development success.

  1. Have A Search Feature:
    When a user comes online on the app, they may be in a hurry which is the case most of the times. It comes in handy if what they want to find is just a click away. Search bars allow them to do just that. Having a search feature can definitely boost the attractiveness of your app as your users can easily find what they want in less amount of time.
  2. Feature For Sharing Content:
    Many top-tier apps have social networking capabilities so that the content the users like can be shared easily. The sharing content is not restricted to jokes and memes anymore but has grown to full articles that the user finds interesting. It is crucial hence, to provide them with a platform to share the content that they find engaging and thereby also increasing the exposure for your product.
  3. Responsive Interfaces:
    Today, people use different kinds of gadgets to use apps or browse the internet. From desktops to Smartphone and smart TVs, apps are now available on a gadget of every screen size. Some users might use a normal smartphone or a tablet with an even bigger screen. Having a responsive interface ensures that the design accommodates itself according to the space it receives thereby increasing the appeal of the product.
  4. Different Versions And Platforms:
    Your product must be available and supported by different versions of the constantly updated Operating systems. While Android holds the majority of the market share, Apple’s market is too big to ignore. Therefore, the app you develop must be available for Android as well as iOS that too compatible with their various versions.
  5. More Touch:
    It is okay if your user is seated in front of a PC at which point you can ask for whichever information you want. But from the perspective of a phone user, typing is a lot to ask at which point the user may lose interest. Keep your inquiries to a minimum and for the needed information, try to incorporate features that use touch.
  6. A Feedback Feature:
    Many times users are the ones to bring an issue to your attention. More often than not, what the user wants from the app is easily discernable through a feedback feature. Many users are vocal about what is wrong with it or what is missing. Provide them with a platform to raise their concerns in the app itself. This has two very big advantages. First, you get to know from their perspective what is wrong and second, they come to you before giving a bad review elsewhere.
  7. Offline Mode:
    Help your user by providing them with an offline mode. While storing data on mobile phones is a potential threat to data security, the user may not have a sound internet connection at all times. Make the bare minimum features available so that they are available to work at least for the time being.

Mobile APP Development is not an easy task and requires professional help. If you are on a lookout for an app development agency, contact us at Win Infosoft today!

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Win Infosoft, Develop mobile apps is an easy feat but developing an app that provides out of the box user experience is a challenge!! The team at Win Infosoft meets this target by creating mobile applications that keep users hooked and increase your business. Users always need apps that work fast, are creative and have easy functionalities. We provide all that and more.

Writers Are Spending More Time Writing Less Content - Content Writing

Writers Are Spending More Time Writing Less Content – Content Writing

Content is the king, they say which has made content writing an important task in every company with a virtual presence on the internet. But, things are not the same as before. In a recent survey, it has been found out that more writers spend more time writing less content. As bloggers and content marketers, it is expected of the writer to provide content which is more useful and valuable, that too in the written form. Not to mention the decline of attention span each individual has while reading an article, writers now are improvising to get more attention. The survey that had inputs from around 1,377 bloggers has some very interesting results and insights to look into. Given below are some of the best takeaways from the survey of 2017.

  1. More Writing, Less Publishing:
    The survey found out that bloggers are now opting to spend more time writing quality content than just anything. The work hours being the same, this means that now less number of articles and blog posts get published. An average blog post requires 3 hours and 20 minutes of time to be complete. It includes brainstorming on topics, gathering facts, data, research and then piecing it all together. But 49% of the bloggers believe that spending time in creating such content has a boost and is impactful.
  2. Quality And Media:
    The results imply that more number of bloggers now prefer using editors. Before, when the bloggers sent the post for editing to a mediator, the time required for publishing a post was longer. Bloggers then began taking it on themselves by editing their own content. However, this can increase the risk of overlooking and typos. External editors ensure that these mistakes are taken care of and the number of bloggers who have started using it has increased drastically. Also, many of them are now using media like pictures and videos for a better understanding of the topic.
  3. Longer Posts:
    Writers are now spending more time writing longer posts. After all, the readers would want to read everything in the same place which is why bloggers now spend time writing posts that can give a one-stop solution to their readers. The average number of words that writers write these days is 1,142 words per post.
  4. Paid Promotions, Influencer And Content Marketing:
    With the decline in organic reach, more and more marketers now find paid promotions to be a better marketing tool than ever. This is mostly because the paid promotions on Facebook and Instagram actually tell you where the money has been spent with insights and analysis. It makes doing such promotion justifiable. Content sees more promotions than before and will do in another 4 years.
  5. Updating Old Post Works:
    Nobody wants to stumble upon a post that has outdated information. No matter how strong your SEO is if your content is not valuable to the reader, chances are that it won’t be read and the traffic will reduce. In the survey, 55% of the bloggers mentioned that they felt updating their previous posts has helped boost the visibility of their articles and the website.

With the growing market for digital marketing, it is clear that even blogs and written content are here to stay. Win Infosoft is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, PPC, Web development, SMM and app development.

An A-Z Dictionary For Android App Designers In India

An A-Z Dictionary For Android App Designers In India

If you are someone who aspires to be an Android App designer in India, staying at the top of Android development updates is important. The industry is changing every second and so to increase your chances of success as a designer, you have to be aware of certain aspects of developing an app. We have compiled a list of tips that you can adapt to ensure success in the field.

  1. Stay On Top Of Latest Trends:
    What your customers expect from you is whatever it is available in the market. Staying updated on the trends can help you give the customers features that they want. And as the industry develops every second, you need to know your available options before generating an app.
  2. Stay Ahead At The Design Front:
    Your creation impacts the user the very first time they see it on Google Play. Around 2.2 billion apps are stored on Google Play. How can your product stand out and grab attention? It depends on its design. Google also has guidelines on designing but do not keep it secondary.
  3. Participate In Communities:
    Communities are a good place to share ideas, meet similar people and probably even get job offers. People have found business partners through communities. But most importantly, if you have a question or a doubt, there is at least one person who has the answer to it and they can only be found in communities.
  4. Listen To Your Users:
    After you are done making an app, the work that remains is to keep improving it. Users actively leave reviews about the problems they face which can be an opportunity for you to improve it. Always listen to your users to make the product better every time.
  5. Have Faith In Your Idea:
    In case you are an independent designer, note that whichever app you make, it should be either revolutionary or a simple app with added value. Do your research and know what investment will go into it. Keep on going to achieve what you want.
  6. Be Your Own Critic:
    Believe in your idea but at the same time criticize your own work. Does it help your users or is it just another app they can do without? Make your creation useful by solving their problems and making their life easier.
  7. Make A Portfolio:
    While working on app designing, ensure you keep on building your portfolio. It is important as it reflects what you can do when designing apps. Keep all the important features and designs of the products you have previously made. This also helps you to get new work of different field to broaden your horizons.
  8. Test Frequently:
    Test your app as much as you can. It gives you the confidence in your own product before you release it to the market. It is also a great platform to find bugs and report crashes before it hits the play store. Constantly work on the UX and UI.
  9. Study The Android Market Carefully:
    Before you begin your development process, understand the Android market first. It is true that Android dominates more market than any other OS. But it is also true that the users don’t really feel like paying for apps. Therefore, you might have to look at a freemium model while designing. Mostly apps downloaded are games which have the highest downloads thus giving a window of revenue.
  10. Research On Your Competition:
    Before starting off with your project, look at similar apps that have been released. Learn from them and test what additional features their product needs, that you can fulfill through your app. Learn about their business model to help put a price on your product.

Gaining success as an Android Developer is surely not easy but it is definitely not impossible. One can reach heights if they simply keep in mind the tips mentioned above.

About the author:

Win Infosoft is a Digital Marketing agency with years of experience in providing the best possible services in PPC, SEO, SMM, UX, UI designing Website and App developments. If you are looking for someone to convert your website into HTTPS, contact us today for a smooth transition.

What Makes Content Marketing Different From SEO? - Win Infosoft

What Makes Content Marketing Different From SEO? – Win Infosoft

As a digital marketing agency, we get a lot of service requests for a wide range of products we offer. While many are quite distinct in their work like web development, SEO and WordPress set up, others are quite similar and have a minute difference. Many find SEO and content marketing to be somewhat the same thing. There is some difference between the two to understand which, we’ll have to look more closely at what they are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It encompasses anything and everything you have to do in order to give your site and it’s content exposure in relevant searches typed in engines like Google. A lot of its work includes optimizing the elements in the site page, using local keywords in content, improving the user’s experience, creating links that are high quality and maintain social media presence. All of these strategies when put together with help your site gain rank on the search pages whenever the industry related words are typed in the search bar by a user.

Content Marketing

This, in a narrower spectrum, deals with the site itself. It requires the addition of content that may attract new users and deletion of content that is now irrelevant. New pages are added to experiment and understand if the user needs it. Moreover, the job is related to creating blogs, articles, newsletters, infographics, videos etc. The main objective is to push the user by attracting them to the site and sending them to the sales department that helps in turning potential clients into the conversion of sales.

Content marketing and SEO have a mutual relationship in a way that whatever happens to the content, affects the SEO and vice versa. If the content uses appropriate keywords in the articles, it will attract more traffic and the chances of the site to rank higher are more. Also, if the strong content is added to the site, credibility is increased hereby boosting the SEO of the site.

Difference between SEO and Content Marketing

The two things differ significantly in the following 3 ways

    In content marketing, you have to think about what the user wants to read and whether what they ask for is a problem your site can solve. It is important here to be the answer through whichever media seems the best, infographic, video, pictures etc. Yes, your content has to be optimized using keywords but it should not drift far away from what is relevant to the user.
    On the other hand, SEO is all about making your site relevant through constant monitoring of search engines and crawlers. While many say the people behind it are human too, the scales on which the site is weighed are not overlooked by humans but algorithms. Your site may be the best but the wrong title, keyword, description and other code-related elements go wrong, your site won’t be visible.
    The two differ heavily in approach too. While SEO is more analytical and is based on numbers, content marketing has no formula.
    SEO requires constant monitoring for which Google Analytics is the best. It tells you where your performance is lagging and how can you overcome the obstacles. It tells you which keywords to analyze, which tools and sites to dig and also suggests opportunities to gain higher traffic and site rankings.
    On the other hand, content marketing is more of guessing, trial and error game. You have to understand what would you want if you were the user and provide them with just that. This means you’ll have to work hard t make attractive and strong content that gains new users.
  3. VALUE:
    The value added by both is almost the same. Where on one side SEO is responsible to direct the oncoming traffic to your site, content marketing has the responsibility to keep them engaged on the site.

Do you need help with developing SEO for your business? Win Infosoft provides a variety of services in SEO and content marketing. For more details, contact us today!

About the author:

Win Infosoft is a Digital Marketing agency with years of experience in providing the best possible services in PPC, SEO, SMM, UX, UI designing Website and App developments. If you are looking for someone to convert your website into HTTPS, contact us today for a smooth transition.

The Rise Of Android App Development – Android App Designing Company

The Rise Of Android App Development – Android App Designing Company

Every Android app designing company today has an advantage over the other OS app developers. This can be simply because Android dominates a good 70% or more market in the world. And why not? The simplicity, the design, the UI, and friendliness allows it to be used hassle-free in almost every gadget. From smartphones to tablets to even Television today. But around 5 years ago, android app development was considered complex. Even the simplest of applications needed a lot of work for an Android OS.

  • The IDEs were full of bugs. The official ADT for Android was called Eclipse and could drive the developer mad in a matter of just 10 minutes. It was slow and not so friendly for complex applications.
  • The difference in OS fragmentation a few years ago caused a lot of issues. Gingerbread 2.3.7 had a market share of 15-20% but the OS was undergoing a huge transition into Ice Cream Sandwich which was the version 4.0. It had new sets of UIs, different screen densities, new APIs for devices and more. Making apps for both the different versions at the same time was lengthy, leading to more bugs and crashes.
  • Emulators were painfully slow. Because the apps were supposed to run on every Android device, buying 20 different gadgets for testing every time was also not pocket or time friendly. However, the time taken for an app to deploy in the standard emulator was very long.
  • Development tools did not allow the apps to look as appealing as they did for iOS. The apps were static and the UI was not at all interesting. If one wished to even add more colors or animation, the Gingerbread version downed all the hopes at once.

In recent years, Android development went through a huge number of drastic changes that it was easy to lose track of at least one of them. The industry went through several developments, with new hardware, new software (Gradle, Android Studio) ad new OS (Android Lollipop 5.0). From manufacturers to developers and even Google, everyone had one goal. How to make Android OS simple, be improved and how can the development process be better? Certainly, this question received a load of answers but some of the few changes made to the industry are:

      After years of struggling with the buggy ADT plugin, finally, a stable developing platform was introduced. Android Studio Version 1.0. The Eclipse plugin was let go of and all the apps were migrated to AS.
    2. GRADLE:
      Replacing Apache Ant, it is a project automation tool for Android applications. It gained popularity among developers as one can automate almost anything through it. It included incrementing build numbers, defining external dependencies, dividing our apps into different flavors, signing with correct configuration and much more. It is also used extensively for maintaining project settings which makes it an administration tool too!


    Every part of Android went through some development or modification to make Lollipop. It made the UX and UI development easier. However, updating the old versions to Lollipop was a bit of a task but it was soon fixed.
    Google had famously said Lollipop was the biggest improvement to Android OS since the beginning of Mankind.


      Today Android is practically everywhere. It is on smartphones, tablets but has also expanded to watches, cars, and television. Anything that can hold a small microprocessor can easily run on Android making your life even better.


    The latest developments in Android has led to an increase in the quality of smartphones. Years ago, Androids were cheap but slow compared to the then Apple phones. But today, Android is one of the fastest with even companies trying to improve it each second.


Motorola (Now a subsidiary of Lenovo), changed the market with its new range of Android smartphones which changed the game completely. Now faster, better and efficient phones were available at cheaper rates. How does Android evolve in the coming few years, it is for us to see. But one thing is for sure, as it dominates the market and our gadgets, Android OS has made our digital lives easier.

About the author:

Win Infosoft is a Digital Marketing agency with years of experience in providing the best possible services in PPC, SEO, SMM, UX, UI designing Website and App developments. If you are looking for someone to convert your website into HTTPS, contact us today for a smooth transition.


8 Women Entrepreneurs And Their Digital Businesses – Women’s Day Special

Women’s Day, as a day dedicated just for the female gender, was recognized even before 8 March 1975, when it was officially announced as a day by the United Nations. Millions of women struggled to be empowered and rise above the predominant notion that gender is specific only to a few sections of mainstream work. Ever since then the world has changed a lot and women have too.

According to the Sixth Economic Census released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, women constitute around 14% of the total entrepreneurship i.e. 8.05 million out of the total 58.5 million entrepreneurs in India. This is more than what the country did a decade ago.

As the world progresses forward with digital marketing as a tool, so are women entrepreneurs choosing the virtual world to run their businesses instead of going the traditional way. Here are 10 women entrepreneurs who refused to back down and made their businesses successful through digital marketing.


  1. KolKol:
    A Gurgaon based entrepreneur from Chennai, Bayiravi Mani is the founder of KolKol, a start-up that makes baby carriers. She began facing problems with her baking business just as she welcomed a new member in a nuclear family. Instead of giving up on her dream, she decided to carry her baby off to work with her and thus the idea KolKol was born. Today, she caters to more women like her through an e-commerce website www.kolkolbabycarrier.com.
  2. Om Studio:
    After a casual talk with teammates one fine day, Rinul realized the modern day lifestyle was a problem for health. Being a yoga practitioner herself, she began giving tips to some of her friends and teammates who started seeing changes within a week. That’s when after heading a creative agency for 6 years, she decided to spread the knowledge to the masses. Today, she along with Ruby, an expert dancer, successfully runs Om studio which organizes Yoga, Zumba classes and workshops through their website http://omstudio.in/
  3. PenSitDown:
    A very interesting blog among many on the internet, PenSitDown is a blog run by Shivangi who started blogging as a career cum hobby from home in 2013. She is a literature graduate who also holds a diploma in Fashion Designing and today has a huge following of avid readers. She is the CEO of www.pensitdown and covers different topics including Technology, Travel, Food, Wellness, Fashion and more.
  4. Nisha Madhulika:
    An online site now, Nisha started nishamadhulika.com in 2007 at the age of 54 and also conquered YouTube starting 2011. A lover of cooking and food, she began sharing tips and recipes to some of her favorite dishes online with people. Based out of Noida, she is a homemaker who teaches how to make tasty dishes with easily available ingredients. She has been featured in YouTube Top Chefs coffee table book and is credited with 1100 videos.
  5. Desi Origins:
    Sreelatha and Gunjan proved that e-commerce is not just for men. They founded a venture named Desi Origins that ensure farmers get a fair price for their products and the consumers get organic, unadulterated foods and products for personal care through www.desiorigins.com. They kick-started this venture in 2013 and made it a success only by using digital marketing and nothing else.
  6. Chirkutt.in:
    Like every other engineering student, Pooja was in a dilemma of whether she should go for a job or start something of her own. Choosing the latter, she began selling paper jewelry in 2014 which has garnered so much attention that she created chirkutt.in to take her business online. Today she has expanded ahead from just jewelry to posters, T-shirts, notebooks, glasses, and mugs to list a few.
  7. Sweet Boutique:
    Aditi had a double degree in Law when she was contemplating if the field was a good idea for her future. Being passionate about cakes and desserts since childhood, she nurtured her skills for cake art through international cake-off shows etc. She took a huge step when she decided to leave the security of a job and pursue her passion. Today, Aditi is among the country’s top 15 cake artists according to India’s Cake Network Collaboration.
  8. The Clothing rental:
    After years of experience as a fashion stylist, a degree in Sociology and fashion design, Shilpa Bhatia a fashion entrepreneur began her journey of doing something that would change the sales in the textile industry. She now successfully runs her venture called The Clothing Rental. The Unique Selling Point of her business model is based on renting designer clothes for a few days instead of spending money for something you may not wear again. Today, Shilpa has her own website www.theclothingrental.com and dresses some of the top-notch personalities in Media and Film industry.


India sure has come a long way since independence. Women like these have broken stereotypes to prove that digital marketing can be a cup of tea for women too. Do you know someone who has benefitted through Digital Marketing for their business, let us know in the comments below!

Digital Marketing Can Be As Simple As A Thanksgiving Dinner

Here’s How Digital Marketing Can Be As Simple As A Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving for 2018 is already here and we don’t really know where the time flew away. An occasion to sit together with family and give thanks for everything you have Thanksgiving is indeed an occasion looked forward to the whole year. For starters, it marks the proximity of holidays and in the middle of tight schedules, as the people have today, a little break is all they need to reflect and unwind. This year, we decided to keep things simple for Digital Marketers and couldn’t help but bring similarities between the famous tradition and virtual marketing. Here are some ways Digital Marketing is so eerily similar to organizing a Thanksgiving dinner, that you might be tempted to use it as a tool.


Planning and preparation is everything:
If you are someone organizing a Thanksgiving dinner for even an average of 7 people, it takes a lot of planning and preparation beforehand. Making a shopping list, dividing work for each family member, designing a cooking schedule and dinner menu, in mind at least. If you are someone who enjoys inviting people over then another list to add is the guest list. And the errands run long
In digital marketing too, the tasks have to be prepared beforehand, planned with intricacy. Running a business is a 24×7 job and you could put up a website, post on social media, even write a few blogs every now and then but unless you have a strategy based on what has worked in the past and what can work now, it won’t add up to anything. Which is why planning and preparation being the base of a digital marketing strategy.


Choose a recipe:
You have to boil down to a recipe of the turkey or choose your Aunt’s famous apple pie for the menu. It is on the basis of a recipe that you can design a proper shopping list to avoid on time hassle. In DM too you have to get the right mix of tools at hand to make it work You have to think of multiple combinations of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Blog Writing, Web development to get the perfect recipe in hand. Keep in mind you may not get it right the first time, but keep on trying and you may hit the jackpot!


Make the invitations ready!
Yes you have a guest list in hand but they are not going to show up uninvited unless they come in your inner circle. You have to drive traffic to websites and your product online by making a call. Usually, it is the integrated work of Social media and SEO that generates traffic on a website. But email and paid marketing show great deals of results too. You have to make alluring content and get there out on the field to ensure the audience shows up.


End of Dinner and star of the night:
At the end of the dinner, you will be able to tell for sure whether your famous mashed potatoes did the magic or not or the special tuna dish you tried for the first time worked. You usually are able to gauge it by simply looking at the casserole. Wiped clean? That’s your star! In digital marketing too, a few things will work others won’t. Analytics will be able to tell you what is working for your traffic and what isn’t. You could also come up with your own engagement metrics based on the social media trends.


Leftovers are loved:
Who took the leftover turkey and turned it into a sandwich for lunch the other day? Well whoever did, they are a saint. Everyone loves leftovers and so should you. Analyze what well have worked in the past for you and tweak them a little here and there to breathe new life into them. Do you have a blog that went viral? Make a video series of it. Once you open your mind to creativity, the possibilities are endless! You could use the same tricks after a certain period of time, create a trend probably an annual online event that people wait for. Rack your brains enough and you can have a brand-new idea.


You could always order:
Suddenly your guest list looks too long to follow through and you start doubting if at all you would be able to pull it off. At times like these, just pick up your favorite food place and order away! You could order mashed potatoes or the dessert or you could order the complete dinner. In the corporate world, we call that outsourcing. If you can’t find what is best for your digital marketing strategy, let someone else do it. Firms provide SEO, SMM, App development, Website development, and PPC services in packages or modules. You can choose whichever is best for your business and start right away!


About the author:

Win Infosoft is a Digital Marketing agency with years of experience in providing the best possible services in PPC, SEO, SMM, UX, UI designing Website and App developments. If you are looking for someone to convert your website into HTTPS, contact us today for a smooth transition.

All you need to know about latest Google AdWords Updation

All you need to know about latest Google AdWords Updation

After the GDPR implementation announcement in 2016, Google has released the new Google AdWords Updation in compliance with it, Know with the opinion of Wininfosoft PPC Expert. Before,  in March, the company had introduced the first phase of changes that specified contracts, product changes and how it aims to comply with the regulations that are to be implemented by 25th may 2018. This latest change deals with guiding advertisers on solutions to help them gather consent, informing new publishers about the consent tools approach on the content of non-Google exchanges etc.

What is GDPR?

General data protection regulation or GDPR is a regulation passed by EU that protects every individual in the European Union from personal data and privacy breaches. The regulation was adopted in 2016 to give control of private data to its citizens along with trying to make the regulatory environment for international businesses simple. Although the GDPR is not a directive and is not therefore mandatory for National governments to issue an announcement, it still is binding and directly applicable. The scope of this regulation is extended to even foreign companies outside of the EU that deal with the information and data of the residents of the European Union. Breach of this regulation will be met with strict consequences with either 4% of the worldwide turnover or €20 million, whichever is higher. Are you getting now Google AdWords Updation

Google’s Latest Policy Change

The latest change is broadly specified in three sections. They have also put in some recommended actions that can help you browse through the changes and make decision likewise. The specified changes have been explained briefly.

Consent Solutions

They have updated their Help Center to help you understand how to implement the updated EU policy. They also have new guidebooks in cookieschoices.org with respect to language and some already available consent solutions from Third Parties. Google has also mentioned deciding how is your company thinking of gathering consent over your sites and apps. You can develop and use your own mechanisms or work with some solutions provided by cookieschoices.org.

New Controls for publishers

The update mentions a few new controls for publishers and ways of integration which if you are using third party ad serving and tracking platform, can potentially affect where your ads appear.

  1. Non-Personalized Ads:
  • They will be launching Provider Controls in Ad Technology for publishers through DFP/AdX, AdMob, AdSense etc.
  • Using the controls, advertisers and publishers will be able to choose the ad technology providers who are to be supported to serve, track ads on their sites and apps for users in the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • Every listed provider has already shared information essential for the GDPR. The company has urged to encourage your provider to do the same in case they haven’t. Google has also provided a process guide for all ad tech providers.
  • A list of Ad Technology Providers will be provided under the ‘commonly used’ section of the policy(Google AdWords Updation) which can be referred by companies that wish to choose their own and not engage with the controls.
  • Your campaigns will be serving for an ad impression in the EEA if the publisher supports the Ad Technology Providers you use.
  1. Non-Personalized Ads:
  • Google will soon be launching this feature for DFP/AdX, AdMob, and AdSense for publishers to give a choice to their EEA users between personalized ads and non-personalized ads. This feature is discussed in depth in their Help Center Page.
  1. Integrations With Third-Party Ad Exchanges:
  • The company will be pairing up with third-party exchanges who utilize the IAB’s GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework. This will also be applicable to those who are subject to their EU User Consent Policy. The recommendation includes reviewing your use of third-party ad servers and/or pixels with vendors that are not part of the Ad Technology Provider Controls to avoid unnecessary delay and breach of the regulation.


Other Important details about Google AdWords Updation

  • In case you are using Google Analytics 360 or DoubleClick do the review and/or accept data processing terms available in each account you manage.
  • For Google Analytics (Standard or 360) review the retention controls of data so as to allow you to manage how long your user and event data is held on Google’s servers. Data deletions will then be processed by the company based on your settings from May 25th.

In case of any further queries, one can visit the official Google Help Center Page.

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