28 Jun

Social Media Marketing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon

Almost every business has anonline presence today. In the domain of social media marketing, they are seen through their websites, mailers, advertisements and social media. You like a lot of companies just because of their well curated and fresh content that they post on social media. However, there are still companies who do not have a huge fan base online but are doing quite well in their fields. Does this mean that social media marketing is not that important? Not at all. Social media marketing is one of the areas that must be allotted a healthy budget in any marketing plan.

Usually, it is seen that brands set up their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages with few designs and content ready. They gather followers for the next 2-3 months and keep on posting new content each day hoping that the target audience will notice and follow them online. However, after another few months, it is seen that the social media handles are not updated and not focused on. This is because brands don’t see any significant ROI from social media marketing. But here is how one can avoid getting their online presence hampered, by knowing a few things about the domain.

  1. Social media marketing should not be rushed into:
    Many startups and businesses set up their social media accounts even before their businesses are well set up. They end up gathering anaudience for something which has a 50% chance of actually being there. What is important here is to not rush into making a Facebook account. Instead, figure out your objectives and mission first, then let the world know that you are finally here.
  2. Get to know your audience:
    In the initial stages, it would be difficult for you to understand your audience which is a good platform for trial and error. See what clicks with your audience and what does not. Take those learnings that you will include in your future SM strategies.
  3. Nurture your relationship:
    Once your audience is built, your work does not end here. We must keep our relationship with people we want to do business with. And so, your online audience must be well connected to your presence at all times. Make sure the posts are not too hammering and not less to be out of mind. They must be the exact amount to make your audience feel good about their business with you.
  4. Long-term Strategies:
    Your strategies for social media should be long term based on your objectives and what you expect out of it. Example, increase in sales, the number of likes, comments shares. Your strategies must be based on what outputs you hope to achieve.
  5. It is a marathon:
    In accordance with the title, the task of social media marketing is never ending and hence is not a sprint to be covered in few years but a marathon that goes until the time your business runs. And so, giving up on social media marketing after just a few years is not an option if you want it to work.
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