Quick results, minimal investment and maximum ROI, these are the client expectations from any PPC outsourcing company in India and we promise to deliver that. Using the paid marketing tool to its best by not only using the knowledge but bringing in a lot of hard work makes Win Infosoft unique.

We will assign a team assigned to every client account. No matter how small or big is the client account we will bring in consistent and quick results for our clients, who wish to create their brand image in selling a product or service. Here’s the process we generally use:

Set the Goal

What do you want? Brand recognition, more sales, bring back loyal clients or beat the competition in terms of traffic. No matter what the goal is, we’ll help you set it up.

Select the Keywords

The cost of keywords depends on their competitiveness and the amount of people who are interested in it. We cull through all the key phrases to find the ones that need low investment and can get swift outcomes.

Budget Management

Daily, weekly and monthly spending amount is decided so as to avoid overspending or under spending. You wouldn’t want it either, would you?

Landing Page Setup

This step ensures that your potential clients land on a page, you are epecting them to, you just direct and we’ll make it happen.

Result Tracking

The results of all campaigns are constantly analyzed by our PPC Company Delhi to let go the redundant keywords and focus only on the best performers.

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