Win Infosoft wishes to become the last PPC Service provider company you use. You will think of no other company once you have hired our experts. The focus will always be on ensuring that you are updated with our processes every step of the way. This is the reason we explained our entire process below for the benefit of the clients.

Note: Please note that this pay per click process is a basic outline only as we do much more than this list to help the clients get PPC results.

Understanding Business Objectives

In this step, the business of a client is understood well, their competitors are analyzed and then PPC goals are established.

Keyword Research

The keyword research is done to find keywords that offer maximum results at low costs.

Landing Page

We will setup a landing page for your clients and will put there attractive content to lure the prospective customers, so that they choose you over the competitors.

Account Setup & Management

Accounts are setup and the ad management process begins. The focus is on click-through rates and quality scores.

Analytics and Conversion

The next step is to monitor the analytics and conversation rates of the visitors, then devising research and management strategies to improve the results.

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