12 Mar

No Social Media Account For Your Business? Here Is Why You Should Have One!

We all know that having a social media presence is a must these days. Not so long ago, a lot of money was spent on printing advertising but with social media, the expenditure has gone way down and the returns have gone up. Today everyone knows that the virtual world is a good space for building a fan base and connecting with your customers. The determination and motivation of your target audience to follow you is tremendous and you identify your own USPs that click with your customers which will help you curate the content accordingly.

Did you know, Fourth Quarter results of 2018 highlighted that shopping ads got more attention than text ads for Retailer and holiday shoppers spent a record-smashing $126 billion online in 2018!

Do you still have no social media account or social media marketing plan for your business?

Here are 8 reasons why you should have one!

  1.    Better customer service:
    Today probably every business already registered on platforms like Twitter and Facebook know the importance of customer questions. For example, if a customer posts a question on your Twitter and it goes unanswered, it is considered to be highly unprofessional. Moreover, this gives an excellent platform for businesses to understand the needs of the customers and make products likewise. Real-time communication not only makes your customers happy but also increases the chances of recommendations to other users. This is a far better growth from the standard customer complain policy every company has in their offices as the response is quicker.
  2.    Improve brand awareness:
    Social media today helps give voice to brands. It helps build a brand out of your company and spread it through the masses at a better rate than other traditional methods. The platforms help you connect with your customers and showing a little personality gives you an edge over your competitors.
  3.    Manage your reputation:
    Allowing real-time responses and communication, social media acts as an effective tool in making or repairing damages to the image. quick answering to customer complaints and queries helps portray an effective system of customer service. Handling the queries with care demonstrates a strong sense of understanding of the company’s part and is likely to turn any negative feelings into the positive side.
  4.    Builds trust among customers:
    Today, almost everyone searches for a company online on social media to verify its authenticity. When a customer sees your presence on social media platforms, it builds trust among them that if anything should go wrong, the company is still there to help them. And building this trust is an important part of customer service and relationship.
  5.    Customer insights:
    For years now, social media has helped shape the strategic decisions a business makes. This is due to the quick feedback system of the platforms that allow customers to interact and give valuable insights into what they want. This helps the business make changes to their products, services or websites to give maximum satisfaction.
  6.   Content promotion:
    Writing blogs is an essential part of SEO, however, you can use social media to promote the content which otherwise would not be virtually visible to so many crowds. When you pair quality content with social media you get a brilliant rate of traffic as well as an increase in the number of new customers.
  7.    Customer Retention:
    In today’s competitive world, it is essential to be able to retain the customers you gained with difficulty. Social media is again a valuable tool to engage with your customers and share content that matches their interests. This can help build loyalty among the consumer base.
  8.    Better Traffic to the website:
    Platforms today are used to redirect a product post to the website where the consumer can browse through other products too. Successful social media campaigns and activities are known to take the user to your website thus increasing the traffic and the chance of a purchase.

Having an active social media presence is healthy for your SEO. When your social media is popular among the crowd, it compels Google to give your Social media profiles better rankings. Moreover, if you are in the retail business, online business and shop is a great way to reach your audience and increase your sales by making it accessible. Need a comprehensive marketing plan for social media? Contact us today!

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